Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

Ensure HVAC systems operate correctly and efficiently.

What is Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing?

The testing, adjusting, and balancing service brings the MEP design to life by verifying the systems meet the design intent and ensuring that the end-user has an efficiently functioning  HVAC system at the end of the project.


Campos can provide testing, adjusting, and balancing services nationwide with their NEBB certification. 

Why Choose Campos

  • Test and Balance save energy

    Energy Savings

  • TAB Equip Troubleshooting1

    Superior Equipment Troubleshooting

  • TAB Finish Project

    Finishing the Project Right!

Our Process

At the start of a project, Campos will identify the project goals and objectives with the client and project team. This work includes identifying the testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) requirements to understand the project's intent. Campos takes the necessary time to team-build, develop consensus, and set achievement goals aligned with the project team.

To develop the testing, adjusting, and balancing action plan, Campos compiles a team led by a certified TAB professional. The team thoroughly reviews submittals, construction documents and specifications, and coordinates with the design and construction teams to address potential balance-ability issues early in the project.

To execute the Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Action Plan, the Campos team oversees the field testing and works with the construction team to ensure deficiencies are corrected. The TAB team is able to issue preliminary TAB data throughout the project to facilitate the commissioning and permitting process.

The verification process is the critical final piece to testing, adjusting, and balancing. The Campos team verifies that all systems are tested and perform per the design intent. They provide necessary testing during the post-construction phase that is not possible to perform during the construction phase.

The Campos Crawler

Fall 2017

Campos solves clients' problems by building a robot to perform ductwork inspections.

Campos Crawler1
Dickie's Arena

Fall 2019

Campos shares technological advancements designed for the Dickies Arena.

Dickies Arena article

When you work with Campos, expect to receive superior customer service. Their test and balance team is committed to meeting project and client expectations and work with the team to troubleshoot issues.  Their work is thorough and comprehensive. We will continue to work with Campos on future projects.”

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Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Related Service Offerings

Diagnostic Testing

Campos can test the indoor environmental conditions and design system upgrades to improve indoor air quality.

FanSOS System

Campos Engineering created the FanSOS as a standalone product to monitor ventilation fans. If a fan stopped functioning, FanSOS would send a notification summarizing the issue and location of the non-functioning fan.


Campos' commissioning is a systematic process of verifying and documenting a building's systems perform per the design documents and the owner’s needs.