Building Wellness Technology

Customized solutions at the speed of imagination.

What is Building Wellness Technology?

The A/E/C industry is facing challenges today that can’t be solved by yesterday’s thinking.  Campos’ building wellness technology (BWT) services were born out of the need for agility, creativity, and a new approach to problem-solving.  Combining technology like 3D printing, micro-computing, and cloud AI with abstract skunkworks-esque thinking, Campos provides customized solutions at the speed of imagination.   

Facility Condition




The assessment is a crucial stage of renovation work because it impacts the workflow of the entire project. It also provides the owner with important information about their building’s existing systems, regardless of what will and will not be handled by the contract.

Campos developed an innovative, app-based assessment tool used in this early stage of the design process while gathering information. The result is a continuous flow of information between the assessment team and the owner, which improves communication and coordination, thus simplifying the process.

A technician working on building wellness condition assessment.


Campos Engineering is certified to provide on-site diagnostic testing of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to determine these systems’ operational status.

Technicians performing building diagnostic testing.

Diagnostic testing helps clients:

  • Determine the potential cause of building occupant discomfort
  • Determine the probable cause of unplanned or excessive energy consumption in their facilities
  • Identify and address pressure-sensitive areas that no longer achieve their required pressure relationships and/or setpoints
  • Obtain diagnostic test information for design consultants to use on upcoming projects

Diagnostic testing provides the necessary information to make crucial decisions regarding the operation of equipment in a facility. Campos is uniquely qualified to provide diagnostic testing, drawing from their field-testing experience and design engineering experience.

Campos can also help implement solutions to facilities’ problems by providing MEP engineering design solutions and/or additional testing systems through commissioning or testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) services.


Life safety requirements for new construction are constantly evolving and can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Building managers need a knowledgeable and dependable partner to alleviate the stress of keeping up with these requirements. For efficiency and safety purposes, Campos recommends having a third party coordinate a construction project’s stairwell pressurization scope.

PressCheck Service from Campos Engineering

The testing, adjusting, and balancing contractor typically provides stairwell pressurization services but rarely includes this in their scope and has limited experience testing these systems, which can cause delays and impact your projects’ safety.

Campos uses certified testing, adjusting, balancing, and commissioning professionals to perform the necessary testing of your stairwell and hoist-way pressurization systems. Campos will also commission your fire alarm and controls system to meet your jurisdiction’s occupation and egress requirements. Campos works with owners, construction teams, and the authorities having jurisdiction to ensure your project is properly tested and certified to achieve your Certificate of Occupancy.

Campos has experience with stairwell pressurization on a multitude of projects and helps expedite this final phase of a construction project. Campos developed specific technology that can reduce the time it takes to verify systems’ proper operation by up to 75%, with a much higher success rate than traditional testing methods. This technology provides less downtime for your construction project and more resources available to tackle other project needs.

We encourage you to contact Campos Engineering for more information and experience a new level of customer service and technical capability.


Campos Engineering created FanSOS to solve a common industry problem. The fact is ventilation fans are not intelligent. Most commercial applications for ventilation fans in buildings look similar to the exhaust fan in your bathroom. There is a fan connected to a switch, and you turn it on when you need ventilation. There are no sensors to monitor the fans, no automatic controls, and no form of intelligence or notifications of malfunction. FanSOS is a simple to install, modular, stand-alone network that creates an intelligent fan. The Campos building wellness technology team developed FanSOS to solve this frequent issue related to building wellness.  FANSOS

Case in Point

Building wellness technology keeping hospitals safe during a pandemic.

Hospitals rely on clean air to keep patients, doctors, nurses, and front-line workers healthy. Clean air has been essential during the COVID pandemic. Ventilation fans help keep the air in hospitals clean by removing the dirty air to make room for the clean air. Ventilation fans are critical systems, but they often fail, resulting in reduced ventilation and increased risk for infection. When they fail, they lack the intelligence to call for help. The Campos building wellness technology team deploys FanSOS for large hospital systems to solve this problem for facilities maintenance teams. When a critical ventilation fan fails, FanSOS notifies the maintenance team immediately, so they can get the fan up and running.