Veterans Health Administration Emergency Operations Center

El Paso, Texas


MEP Engineering Design

Project Type



94,000 sf


$19 million

Significance of Project

  • Design to accommodate emergency planning space for Hospital staff
  • Design consisted of multiple redundancies to ensure all systems run despite adverse conditions

Project Description

Campos provided MEP design services to renovate an existing portion of the VA hospital into an Emergency Operations Center, which will be used by VA staff exclusively in cases of emergency or future pandemics. This area will be reserved for VA corporate and hospital leadership to make critical decisions about reallocating resources, moving imaging equipment, and other operational-related decisions. 

A key element of the MEP design scope was to design multiple redundancies. Power, data, cooling, telephone, and security systems constantly run, no matter the facility’s state or condition. 


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Campos Engineering Project in El Paso_VA hospital