Tarrant County Buildings Outside Air Modifications

Fort Worth, Texas


Combined Services
MEP Design & TAB

Project Type



350,000 sf


$120 million

Significance of Project

  • Project addressed outside air and COVID-19 for interior spaces
  • Combined services project where Campos provided MEP design and TAB services

Project Description

By combining the firm’s MEP design and test and balance services, Campos provided Tarrant County with safe and in-depth solutions to address concerns about outside air and COVID-19 at all County facilities. Campos measured initial building pressure to record the initial outdoor airflow, model number, and serial number for all outside air-related units. Measurements for all outdoor air units that served the basement through the fourth floor were recorded specifically to the Criminal Courts Building, 

Upon completion of measurement recordings, Campos reviewed the data and calculated a new maximum outside air valve to be used without adversely affecting the temperature or humidity of the occupied spaces within the facility. The Campos team then returned to the project site to balance all units to the new maximum outside air values and confirm building pressure was acceptable.


A similar scope has been completed for the following buildings: 

  • Dick Anderson Building
  • Charles Griffin Building 
  • Southeast Annex 
  • Justice Center 
  • North Patrol
  • South Patrol
  • Northeast Annex
  • Criminal Justice Building 
  • Resource Building 2500
  • Miscellaneous Resource Buildings


Tarrant County

Tarrant County project by Campos Engineering